Whether you’re developing a new neighborhood or building a factory, Clay-Greene’s pump solutions will work seamlessly within your project. Our team can find the products you need and work closely with you from production to installation.

EES & EVI Series- Compact Package Stations

The original compact solution for turnkey applications with single source responsibility assures equipment functionality, consistency, and compatibility. Available in Quickship and Engineered to Order configurations. Offering station flows up to 1500GPM and pressures to 1000’TDH, the EES & EVI Packages come standard with variable frequency drive control (VFD) with options of pressure tanks, flow meters, and SCADA. Packages are UL listed, NSF61, and NEC70 compliant and designed in Solidworks. Clay-Greene Package Stations provide focused engineering for demanding applications.

VI Series- Vertical Inline Package Stations

Engineered for high flows and medium head applications offered as complete package with single pump flows up to 4500GPM and pressures to 1200’TDH. We offer simplex, duplex & triplex configurations utilizing either vertical multi-stage or single stage inline pumps. Optimized for constant pressure and tank fill applications. Sustainable cost effective water delivery with Clay-Greene.

SLS 1 Series- Sewage Lift Station

Prepackaged fiberglass lift stations for today’s challenging wastewater conditions. Clay-Greene matches the correct type of pump for your needs. Engineered for reliability- available in simplex duplex, triplex fiberglass basin packages complete with pumps and controls.

SP Series- Self Priming Station

Designed for solids-handling pumping utilizing above ground self priming pumps. All of our SP series pump stations offer direct drive motors coupled to variable frequency drives to allow for precise speed control in the field without the need for belts & sheaves. Systems are optimized for the Clay-Greene tilt up doghouse enclosures. Tough package for tough applications.